Sunday, April 29, 2007

who knew?

Who knew 8 inch squares could be so damn difficult? I certainly didn't. Apparently, my needles and my yarn don't want to make one. So instead helping Mosaic with their efforts on blankets. I'm going to be knitting for Virginia Tech. I know I can make hats and such. I'd like to ideally make a hat or two and some wrist warmers. It really depends on what I can get out of the yarn I bought yesterday:

While at the LYS I just happened to notice (this does occur when you're just standing there in front of the walls staring at every single skien of yarn) that they're carrying a new brand or two.

Which means I also bought this:

They're going to be a really cute felted purse for me. The colors in this line are Gorgeous! It's Universal Yarn Deluxe Worseted LP. I got the 100% wool but they did have superwash there too. And their sock yarn, Ditto. Please note the instructions on the ball band: "Knit. Relax. Smile. Repeat."

They also had Tofutsies. I would like to see how this works up and holds up before I buy any. There was also one lonely skein of Austermann Step. I have hope they'll be getting more in. The lady did tell me that they were expecting another shipment of Orange and Maroon yarn (both Cascade and Encore) this week if anyone is in need of those colors.

I'd also like to thank everyone who weighed in with their cat foods. Especially Dave. Pepper got some Fancy Feast yesterday and is very happy now. Bartholamew, who doesn't usually show any interest in wet food even ate some.

All in all, it was a great day here at my house.

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Dianne said...

One would think knitting an 8x8 would be easy peasy..I find it most difficult too...but I'm working on some. I bought 3 skeins to originally make a shawl/blanket, then it became a triang. scarf..and then I read of Mosaic doing the squares, so it's now squares...I'm going to farm some of this out to my S&B friends and enlist their help..and then we can make that much desired trip to Mosaic...Happy Knitting