Saturday, April 21, 2007

completed but not finished

Usually, when you finish a project you're happy with it. I'm not entirely happy with the drawstring pouch I was knitting. First my needles were too long making the stitches look weird in the bottom half. Secondly, I read the directions wrong. I knit the thing about 4 inches too short.

I'm so unhappy with the way it looks, I'm not even going to knit the icord tie.

But I do have happier news for you.

We had a big fat ground hog outside the other day:

And today we had b-b-b-birds outside the window:

Now what to cast on next?


Robin said...

Are you baiting that groundhog for Bart & Pepper??
Mr Ace says~"Birds?, they'll peck your eyes out"!

KnitNana said...

lolol! I love that shot! bbb-birds!
;) Isn't that just what they sound like?
Could you try blocking the bag? Sometimes that helps the stitches even out...Such a shame you're unhappy with it.

Anonymous said...

I still like the pouch, it has character. Arden