Friday, April 27, 2007

cat food

Well, as I'm sure everyone has heard there was this little recall. Thankfully, our dry food wasn't recalled and well, honestly, our wet food wasn't either. BUT since Bartholamew only eats dry food and Pepper doesn't only eat wet food, I've been very resistant to giving her ANY wet food. I broke down and bought some Friskies, I think but I can't bring myself to open it and give it to her (it has wheat gluten in it if that makes you think I'm a tad less paranoid).

Has anyone been giving their cats wet food? Are you comfortable with it? And furthermore, because Pepper is Very Southern and REALLY likes her gravy (as in won't eat wet food if it isn't chunky with gravy) is your wet food the kind with gravy in it?

It makes me sad that I can't give her wet food and that she doesn't understand why I'm not dishing out the good stuff like I used to, but it makes me sadder to think of risking their health.

Won't you please help my momma find me some wet food? (I know, she doesn't look so pathetic but you don't hear her little mews...)


jody said...

Hey there! thanks for coming by the blog and the nice comment about the shawl. I just feed my cat cat chow and he will NOT eat anything else-isn't that weird? no other brands, even wet food-works for me cuz it's cheap!!

Midnight2sticks said...

Hey Sweetie! Thanks-the shrug is really, really simple-you should give it a go!! Chat to ya later!

Dave Daniels said...

Aw, poor kitty looks like she needs a little something to eat. She looks so sad. :( Miss Lulu has a tiny can of Fancy Feast once a day, and crunchies the rest of the time. NO ill effects to report at all. She likes the same gravy foods and will lick the gravy off first. She's funny that way, too.

Dianne said...

Fred has never cared for 'wet food'..but he will fight you tooth and nail over a box of about..hmm making your kitty some homemade gravy?..I do that all the time for my Pup..who thinks he has to have 'human' food.