Friday, April 06, 2007

I heart my family

Well, despite my honest efforts, I got no knitting done Wednesday night.

Someone wanted, no, needed to snuggle. Sorry for the crappy picture but it's kinda hard to take a picture with a phone (not a skill I'm good at anyways!) and not wake a sleeping baby.

Luckily, last night was our spin/knit group night! Hmm, although, I'm not really sure I got a lot done there either! But I had a great time. Chichi and Squiggy got to meet and a friend loaned me some baby pattern books to look through for my pregnant friend.

Today I left work at noon (woo hoo!!), met my mom for lunch and came home to change clothes. Dad and Pat picked me up and we went over to my Uncle's house to visit. My Aunt had just arrived in town and we all sat around and visited for hours. I just really do love my family. I'm not going to pretend we're all normal and all but we do get along and have fun together.

Judy, Dad, Pat and I went to visit my Grandmother a bit before dinner. Her place is starting to look like a florists!

This is only half of the flowers! (BTW, see the one on the far left, that's the bunch Mom, my sister and I sent.)

Tomorrow will be more party prep and my cousin and sister coming into town.

The coolest/strangest part of today? I learned that one of my aunt's best friends who we all have decided is part of the family and call him Uncle Ken, may actually be related to us! Now, it goes back like 3-4 generations and they're still working on all the details so it'd be like WAY distant, but still!

Tomorrow, I hope to get Dad into a pair of Crocs. I've got his feet (well, I've got the "family" feet) and Judy and I love ours and think he'd be happy in them too.

Oh, and the other really cool thing about tonight, my Grandmother, who's knit for who knows how long but I can't ever remember seeing her knit anything... was thoroughly impressed with the fact that I could knit socks.

I heart my family...

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