Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm off to Sedalia!

OK. Well, not QUITE yet but very soon. It's cool and rainy out so I'm getting together all my cool and rainy gear. This includes my rain coat with the flannel lining (I love that coat! and it's bright yellow too... everyone needs a bright rain slicker!), my bag to carry all my purchases, an extra pair of shoes so I can have warm dry toes for the drive home, a couple of those hand warmers hunters use (I got them after a very cold race in Darlington that my sister and I went to because they were on sale and well, I've used them so it was worth it!) and my camera and money!

Ok, so the last two aren't really cool and rainy gear but I need them anyways...

Also, I discovered today, that I'm not the best mom before 8 on the weekends. I was getting in the shower and there was this bizarre fuzzy feeling on my ankle. No, it wasn't a cat (they're quite capable of escaping the shower on their own. But it was one of Bartholamew's favorite toys. Hopefully when it dries he'll still like it. Recently I washed one of his other favorite toys and apparently laundry detergent deactivates catnip.

Talking about shoes, I forgot to say, Dad bought Crocs. He got the same chocolate brown pair that I have and wear most of the time. These would be the shoes I'm taking with me to wear home... it'd be great if I could wear them but I'm not so big on getting my feet that wet and muddy. Those holes can be great in the summer but early spring? In the rain? Not so much.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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