Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm a spinner, too!

Well, apparently, I'm not just one crazy (addicted) knitter who'll drive an hour in the cold rain to buy some yarn but a spinner as well.

At Sedalia I took the spinning with a drop spindle class. Apparently, I'm also a spinner. I'm not a GREAT spinner but I made yarn. Some of it was even decently even yarn.

The black roving is alpaca and the white a wool.

Robin (who I met there with her very brave and nice hubby) suggested I try some Cottswold as beginner roving. I got a big ball (bigger than a softball) but I don't think it's enough!! And in hindsite, it was just 3 1/2 oz but it looked like a lot! Really...

When I first got there I met up with Robin and Dianne and some of her friends (I"m sorry I can't remember their names!)

Knitnana was there with her bags (you really should go check them out!).

After class and around lunch time I ran into Nancy, Laura and Tanya. Fortunately, the rain had tapered off and it wasn't all bad all day. I did hit rain on the way home but it wasn't too awful bad.

I had an absolutely wonderful time! Oh, I did buy a few other things too... (see, I had such a good time, I forgot about my other purchases!)

Two little sheep, one for me and one for Mom:

Some beautiful alpaca (50% off no less!) for a scarf for a friend:

some sock yarn and needles:

When I got home Bartholamew and Pepper were most excited to check out all this weird smelling stuff:

A good day overall.


Robin said...

YOU ARE A SPINNER!!! You did a GREAT job on your first spinning! The day did turn out better...huh? I guess the kitties thought you brought them something!!!

Dianne said...

What fun!!..Nice JOB on Spinning!!
A pleasure to meet you...and glad the weather got better!! Happy Knitting~

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed with your spinning.

Mary said...

I sorta wish I'd taken that drop spindle class. But there will be other opportunities. I'm sorry we didn't meet -- I'll bet we probably walked right by each other and didn't recognize each other.

I had fun, too.

KnitNana said...

Congratulations on spinning!!! Wow! I'm thinking about trying it but you DID it!
And thank you for your "plug" for me!