Saturday, March 31, 2007

pictures to come soon

Last night I went up to Mom's to visit with the family.

I felted Chichi. Much to my mother's dismay, I did not sew him together first. I've got lots of pictures to show you but I'm afaid they'll have to wait until tomorrow.

It's been most dreary and rainy all day long.

After a short (ok LONG) trip to the book store to get the new Yarn Harlot book and browse through other books (none of which I bought) I came home and vegged. I read some of my book, and took a little nap and vegged a little more.

Then I had to get ready to go to a longtime friend's wedding. Despite all attempts, I cried.

By the way, should I have some wedding where you're expected to sit about a lot, you all are invited and please bring your knitting and knit away. No, really, I mean that. And no, I didn't take my knitting. I promise.

Now, because my life is just that exciting, I'm going off to bed (and I wonder why its hard finding dates. I'm at home on a Saturday night going to bed at 10:15p. Know any guys who'd like a knitter with 2 cats who values her sleep?)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Tanya has created the CUTEST pattern for a little felted pig. I bought the pattern last night and immediately cast on. So, my Chichi won't be pink but hey, not all pigs are ya know? The best part of the pattern (besides ending up with an adorable stuffed pig, I mean) is that she's donating part of the proceeds to Heifer International. She's even thinking of making more Heifer animals. I'm really excited.

My Chichi so far. I think I'll be able to complete the parts tonight. Tomorrow at the latest. Friday, I'll go up to Mom's to felt him.

Mary bought some STR in Fire on the Mountain colorway so I had to post an in progress picture to show how beautifully it's working up.

Before I go snuggle with the cats (they're being very needy because of the rain and my weekend trip I believe), I have one more picture to share.

That's what happens EVERY time I wash dishes. I just hope that maybe one day I learn to wash dishes without getting my shirt wet. I'm not holding my breath though.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Shopping Haul

I told ya I'd show off the recent yarn haul so here it is:

What? You'd like more detail? OK.

Here's Sweater #1 - the Dad is a huge Steeler's fan and I have to make Baby a Steeler's sweater. It's almost regulatory.

Sweater #2 a soft gender neutral soft sweater - I know, I said soft twice but it's that soft, best part, machine washable/dryable!

Bonnet, Booties, and possibly sweater #3. I have more of this. Lot's more. This is what I traded for with Catie the other day.

Baby Blanket #1 - it's really a soft purple color not quite so blue as it looks in the picture

Saturday when we went shopping in Old Georgetown the muggles were saved. No yarn stores (although I think they totally would've been OK with stopping if we did see one). We didn't go out driving anywhere except to the play so I didn't look for any that were semi local but not within walking distance.

We played so much I hardly got any knitting done. Which is OK. I had a great time.

Even though I'm not a huge Gap fan, they had really nice sweatshirts on sale for $10. I bought one. You can't have too many sweatshirts. OK, so maybe you can but I'm not there yet.

I bought a present for a friend who reads the blog, so I won't be posting about it until it gets mailed.

We went to the Life is Good store. They'd only been open a short while. They had the cutest water bowl outside for all the passerbys that happened to favor drinking out of a dog bowl, and let dogs into the store! I was just touched. They even had treats for the dogs. I got to love on a sweet big ol' Lab who came in while I was checking out.

I got a long sleeve t shirt. They had a short sleeved one that I really liked (it had a very nice saying on the back about not knowing the good a smile can do) but I need long sleeve t shirts.

And, last but not least, I got shoes.

Really cute shoes for really cheap. They were in the clearance area, with an added 60% off. They practically gave me money to take them out of the store they were so cheap.

However, these really cute shoes, on top of ALL that walking we did. Did not equal a good time. I wore them instead of the shoes I took with me. By the end of the night, I had 2 blisters on my right foot and one on my left that had already popped and was working itself into a little raw spot.

I'll probably like them in a few weeks or so, but I'm not so fond of them right now, ya know?

All in all, I had a wonderful time, I met some great people and saw a very lovely play.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

nails and knitting

Well, I learned something today. Actually, I learned several things today but this one I'm going to share with you. Apparently, if you're going to take a picture of your freshly manicured nails, you need to not use a flash much like when you photograph knitting. Who knew the two had so much in common?

I also learned that when trying to photograph your newly French manicured nails against your black cat (this was before I learned the whole flash thing) that you should let the said cat fully sniff at your hand before trying to take a picture or you'll end up with this:

One more thing I learned today, is that despite my best efforts and worrying myself almost sick, I can not make other people do things that will make their life easier. This was a harder lesson to learn today than the whole taking pictures of your nails thing.

See, we're starting with new things at work. Things that seem strange and awkward at first. However we were told to practice. To take time out and send a few test runs. The new thing we're doing has a serious effect on my job and I need to be very proficient at it. (I know. I could tell you what it is exactly but that would be long and boring so please just bare with me.) My proficiency will ultimately effect other people but most importantly, will make my day easier. Through lots of practice and questions, I have mastered this new skill. The people who cover for me when I'm not there haven't even practiced before we went live today. This bothered me. I'm not sure why it bothered me so much but it did. I worried about it. I fretted even. I encouraged people to practice. I felt like I kept running into a brick wall. It was almost lunch time when it dawned on me that if they didn't know how to do this task proficiently (or at all), it didn't effect me. It didn't reflect on me. All it did was make their jobs harder. I talked to a wiser woman than I about this and she agreed. Since then, I've tried very hard not to worry about it. Mostly, I've suceeded. However, I know I'll worry about the person who's covering for me tomorrow when I leave at noon. They're fairly new at the whole job anyways and in my opinion (and I do realize that's all it is is MY OPINION) not having this down could cause them to stress even more tomorrow. I like this person and I don't want them to think my job is even harder than it is. I want them to stay with the company because I think they are a great asset. But I can not do anything about it. I've done all I can. I may worry now (even though I'm trying VERY hard not to) but I will NOT let it trouble me on my trip.

This also falls in the category of being kind hearted can truly come back and bite you in the ass as I was telling one of our boss ladies the other day.

Now, I must go eat and pack. And if you're still here, thanks for listening to my ramble.

OH! You MUST go visit Dad and Pat's blog (link is in the sidebar). They're redoing their yarn and it's looking fantastic! I even helped Dad put those cool ass progress bars up on his blog!

Edited to Add: Thanks to Dave's keen eye and Dad's correction as well. (Yes, I am a yarnaholic!) I was trying to say yard in the above sentence but can't quite teach my fingers to type anything after "yar" except "n". Dad pointed out, it's not quite their yard but reroofing the house and building a porch but they're adding other little plots to grow veggies and all in and that's why I called it their yard. Either way, it's looking GREAT!! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

strange things are happening

Fancy shoes...

Bizarrely painted toenails...

suitcase with shoes (and cat) IN it...

Hmm, almost looks like maybe we're going on a trip. A trip where fancy shoes are needed...

For the record, I want each and every one of you to know, my evil streak is just big enough that I'm tempted to leave it at that and make you wonder. Hoping that I get a chance to post tomorrow.

But I can't.

A friend of mine asked me late last week if I was available to go on a trip this weekend. She and her husband had it planned out and sadly (for him) he had to go out of town on business. I was ready to go then. But then she told me where we were going and why and I was all set. I begged borrowed and pretty much called in all my favors and got someone to work the Saturday I had volunteered! for. I got a half day off work on Friday.

Today, I got my eyebrows done. Tomorrow, it will be the finger nails... (OK. so I am mean enough to draw it out. But I'll tell you tonight. I promise)

I went shopping for new clothes - we're going out to a fancyish dinner somewhere. I did get a great deal on the pants - so good, I bought 2 pair. And I used a flier coupon for 40% off a pretty shirt. You will have to wait to get a picture of me all fancied up. I'm not but so girly and no matter how much y'all mean to me, I'm not getting gussied up just for a picture.

I even bought makeup.

Are those of you who know me in person in shock yet?

Well, I guess I should tell you now why all this fuss.

I'm going to our nation's capital, Washington, D.C. Saturday we're going to do a little shopping and wandering around. I'd ask about yarn store suggestions, but I don't really know where we're going in town and I'll be with a fair amount of muggles (who are very kind I'm sure!) and being a last minute guest on this fine trip I don't want to be too pushy but you bet if we pass by a yarn store I'll find a way to sneak in!

After our afternoon about town, we're going to a fancy dinner then to see The Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, DC's production of the Wizard of Oz! I'm so very excited!! So excited, that I painted my toe nails green.

See, there's this book my sister lent me (and I'll have to find the name of it) about the Wicked Witch. It was her side of the whole story and it was good.

I've got to leave straight from work Friday so I'm trying to get things done ahad of time. Tonight was the "non essential won't wrinkle" packing. Things like shoes, makeup, pajamas (the very ones pictured actually), stuff like that.

Yesterday, I met Catie after work. We swapped some yarn and chatted and had a very lovely time.

Today, in case you don't read the comments (I don't always read other blog's comments...) Midnight2sticks offered to pick up a couple of Hokie colored skeins of Koigu for me. I've just been struggling with Argosy - who happens to be for the friend who's taking me to DC - and think those would make a lovely scarf for her.

Tomorrow, my knitting heart will be here. I'dve loved to have gone to NYC to see the Yarn Harlot herself. To be a part of the massive traveling sock photo shoot. To represent. I had planned on making a hat to go in my place but that hasn't happend. Maybe it'll be ready by Pittsburg. Or Cleveland.

I promise, over the weekend I'll take a picture of all of my recent yarn purchases/acquisitions.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My weekend

This weekend my sister came up from North Carolina so we could spend a belated birthday weekend with our Mom. We went to Tapestry where I got some yarn for a baby sweater (pattern yet to be determined) and for a kitty pi that will actually be a puppy pi.

We then went to lunch and grocery shopping (at three different grocery stores no less). We also stopped at Hancock Fabrics (fyi- for you local readers - this location will be closing and everything going on closeout next week) and Starbucks.

The three of us then went back to Mom's where we sent off my step-Dad to the neighbor's house for corned beef and cabbage. OK. So, we didn't really ship him off but he really isn't but so fond of eggplant and really did feel like going to party with the neighbors. We piddled about and ate cheese and crackers and made dinner and talked yarn and games for the Palm pilot and all kinds of mom and daughters things.

Mom and I also washed out hand knit socks in Soak. If you haven't tried it, I'd recommend it. I bought ours from Spritely Goods but have seen it all over. They're very nice and ship quickly. Every where I've looked the price seems to be the same too.

This morning, I met the family at Staples (boy aren't we an exciting group!). We went to AC Moore where I bought yarn for a baby blanket (Pattern will probably the one on the pound of love wrapper without the hood). We then went to lunch.

I then came home (with leftovers! woo hoo!) and watched the race, took a nap and knit catnip mousies.

The one with the tail is for a friend at work who's bringing home a new cat this weekend. Both of her cats had passed away in the past 6 months and she and her hubby were ready for a new baby.

The tailless one is for Bartholamew. He doesn't need such luxuries as tails when the nip is involved. Pepper's mousie is still on the needles and will be pink with a tail AND a bell.

They may be heathens, but they're my heathens and are spoilt rotten.

Even though you can't tell but so well in this picture, Bartholamew had already thoroughly enjoyed me stuffing them with cat nip and was a little too mellow to play with his mousie upon completion of it being sewed up.

For those interested, the mousies are VERY simple! I used the pattern out of Wendy's book. The super simple all garter stitch version, but she's got another cabled version on her blog for free. I almost used that one but really wanted super mindless knitting.

I think after I finish Pepper's I may make some for my neighbor's cats, too.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

BAWK hot water bottle cover

I needed a quick knit to take my mind of socks (my poor sweater is not feeling the love right now). So I made this:

I've had the pattern booked marked for a while and finally made it. The other night I woke up in the middle of the night with the wickedest crick I've ever had in my neck and filled up the hot water bottle and grabbed a towel to wrap it in and went back to bed. That morning was when I decided it was finally time for the BAWK. In case you didn't click on the pattern link and are curious, BAWK = Bottleneck Avenger Who's Knit.

Personally, I'm not going to sew up the bottom, it's a bear trying to insert the bottle in through the neck like the pattern states. Besides which, I love how it looks like a little turtleneck sweater!

Friday, March 16, 2007

packages pt 2

Hmm, I seemed to have missed a few days between my last post and today's update.

The second package I got Monday was one that kind of surprised me that it was here already. Wednesday night I ordered a luscious skein of sock yarn from Dave (click on the Cabin Cove Mercantile link on the right. I know, I could've linked it directly but then you couldn't read Dave's blog and meet Miss Lulu Kitty who I swear is the anti-Pepper).

Dave only ships on Saturday. See why I'm surprised it was here on Monday? I swear this is the softest sock yarn I've ever bought. I was going to gift the finished socks but I don't think I can. I left it here beside me on the desk for as long as I could so I could pet it every so often. No, these socks need to stay with me. That way I know the wearer will appreciate their wonderfulness.

Why would I need to put the yarn away you ask? Well, and this also ties into how Miss Lulu Kitty is the anti-Pepper, someone here thinks yarn is really floss for kitty teeth. Her name is NOT Bartholamew. And someone, who is also not Bartholamew, has hidden one of my slippers. Which isn't too bad because now, I'm wearing my felted slippers but still. It was here a few days ago, and now. Gone. I looked under the sofa (closest to the last known place and where it's mate is). I looked under the edge of the blankie. I even looked under the bed. I can't find my slipper.

OH, I was telling you about Dave's yarn. Not only did it arrive in record time (I think he's bribed the postal employees with hand knits personally), but it was wrapped up in this lovely tissue paper and tied in raffia (which Bartholamew did enjoy). Inside of the package was the pay pal receipt tucked inside of a lovely handwritten note on the coolest Cabin Cove Mercantile notecard. It's the moose really. I love the moose. But also inside of the card was a little sachet of Fresh Cottage Meadow Lavender. The card smelled like HEAVEN! But because of the thoughtful way it was packaged, the socks just barely smelled of lavender.

And the best present I got on Monday? I'm gonna be an Auntie!! My very best friend, who's been my very best friend for over half my life, is pregnant! Her hubby has already decided it's a boy :) and I've spent all week planning my baby knitting! Mom's planning her "grandbaby" knitting too! This kid's gonna have more hand knit items than you can shake a stick at! Wait! I'm recalling something I read in passing from the Yarn Harlot, something about putting knitting needles in a baby's hands so they'll knit? Anyone know about this? I gotta be the best Auntie I can be ya know, watch out for the little bugger. Steer her in the right direction and all :)

Aw, now I'm gonna get all sentimental... my aunt was the one who taught me how to crochet! :) Granted I was in my early 20's but still. If I hadn't learned how to crochet, I never would've taught myself how to knit... Aunts are the best!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

lotsa goodies

First, this is what 2/3 of us did this weekend:

Some of "us" were scared when I first put the screen in:

Some of us didn't care:

We finally agreed it WAS all good:

Monday I had two packages waiting on me!

They were both kind of surprises. The first was my last package from my secret pal. I knew she'd mailed it and I wasn't too worried until earlier this week. I was beginning to think it had gotten lost somewhere between Germany and here. Or that maybe someone who loved yarn stole it at the post office :) But it got here. And it was so worth waiting for!

that's 2 packages of German Whiskas, a cute little witchy keychain, sock yarn!, a card, some bath stuff, lotion, soap, and chocolates. BUT WAIT! That's not all! In my excitement, I had spread things out a little:

A vanilla candle. Great package you say? I'd agree... but there's more!

A Very beautiful shawl/scarf!

Pepper approves of it!

Well, this is getting to be a long post. I think I'll save the second package for tomorrow.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

my first sweater revisited

Today, I got home and there was a package in my doorway. Quickly scanning my brain, I couldn't remember ordering anything. I had a small hope that a chili friend I had harrassed had sent the spices I wanted then half way up the steps, I remembered. My friend sent me a package!!! I rushed inside and opened it.

Travel goodies! I love them!!! That's a bear with body wash and lotion (soy and white tea I'd like to add), a jewelry box, a luggage tag, a beautiful card and a picture of her grandbaby wearing the sweater I made her. I know, it's hard to see but she's there. I'm going to try to remember to take the pictures up to Mom's to get her to scan them in so I can show you better but for tonight that's all you get (the picture will enlarge if you click it).

If you go back here you can see where I finished the sweater and finally found buttons for it. It's hard to tell, but those are little pink and purple elephant buttons. I found the pattern on Knitty. And looking back at that pattern, I think I may use the Daisy motif on a dog sweater I'm planning for a cute little girl named... Daisy. :)

Now if I could just get motivated to finish my sweater.

Monday, March 05, 2007

better pictures

I got some better pictures for y'all. This is still the STR Fire on the Mountain colorway but without that lovely flash washout. Chuckles the Hedgehog wanted in on the whole "toe up sock progress" picture thing and I just didn't have the heart to tell him that I'd have to sit him upright and cover his face for a proper picture... I hope y'all don't mind.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


All I felt like knitting was socks. During SP9 I bought a beautiful skein of special sock yarn just for the participants (I don't have the yarn info handy right now) but its a real pretty pink/black/gray combo. I thought I'd use it for a pattern I found on Knitty (I don't remember which one...). Couldn't get gauge without having a VERY loose fabric that didn't make me happy for socks. I gave up and put it aside. I dug out the Jaywalker pattern. Then I couldn't decide what yarn to use. I picked this great blue variegated Trekking I've had for about a year. Started the pattern and was really enjoying it. I liked the way it was looking.

Until it dawned on me that they're awfully similar to my Broadripple socks.

They're similar enough, I can't finish knitting them. This bothers me a little. I mean, I want to knit socks I know I'd wear and don't want to waste my knitting time on something I won't use. But see, I'm not the fastest knitter. Since I finished my Lumberjack socks, this is all I've knitted on. I think of ripping out all that hard work and I get that sick feeing in my stomach. But it's pointless to keep knitting them. I did think of giving them away but I'm not to the point in my sock knitting that I want to do that. I want ALL the socks that I knit. I'm selfish right now. I'll admit that I want to knit socks for other people, but not yet.

I think at this point in time, I may be "forced" to knit on my special sock yarn I've been fondling for about a month. Something I dreamed of. Something I tried to win in several blog contests. Something that always eluded my grimey fingers for too long. Socks That Rock. In colorway Fire on the Mountain. I loved the picture online. When I got the yarn it was so pretty I couldn't wind it. I left the hank intact sitting near my desk so I could just oggle the beautifulness of it. When I wound it this morning, I couldn't believe just how pretty it was. I think there is going to have to be something totally wrong with this yarn for me not to love it. I'm going to pull my needles out of the trekking (I just can't stand to rip it all out just now) and swatch my STR. I got the medium weight because there is a pattern on Knitty I wanted to make with it but it's written for 2 circulars and I don't have it in me right now to see if I'm able to adapt it to DPNs. I got the Blue Moon pattern - Rock and Weave - but decided I'd rather just make a good ol' toe up sock and let the yarn do it's thing. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go pout over my "lost" knitting time this weekend...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

no SSS for me thank you!

I finished my 2nd Lumberjack sock. Which means I do not have SSS (Second Sock Syndrome for you not in the know)! Woo hoo!! Who knew a little stress and a case of the uggies would cure SSS?!

And for the record, it's not warm enough to be wearing shorts. I rolled up my pj's because blue plaid and red and gray don't go so well together. That and the fact that my pjs would cover the socks and make it really hard to get a picture of them.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

rainy day uggies

Yup, that's right. I've got a case of the rainy day uggies. I'm tired and feeling a little blechy. I've got a bitch of a headache and just want to curl up on the sofa. I'm going to try to knit but don't hold your breath. I've gotten about half way done with the heel on my lumberjack sock. Normally I don't like stopping mid heel like this but my lunch time was over and I had to get back to work.

The worst part of these rainy day uggies? It's knit group night. I really would like to go but am afraid I wouldn't be good company and really just want to be in my jammies on the sofa. I'm sure they'll have a good time tonight!

Tomorrow the rain will be gone. It'll be payday Friday and hopefully, I'll not feel so blechy. And with any luck, this weekend I'll have finished my sock and have pictures.