Saturday, April 07, 2007


No, really, it snowed last night!

Note the time and date stamp on the pictures. This is not a joke (unlike someone I know who played a right funny April Fool's on her readers.) I was shocked! Well, shocked may be a strong word but surprised. Dad had called me from Joe's house last night around 9 because it was snowing there but it wasn't snowing at my house - really odd thing is, they're not 5 min away from me!

Also, I forgot to share my finished STR Sock:


cate said...

What happended to "My Hairy Life"? Did I have something to do with you changing the name after my mishap with your blog on my blog? ha ha ha ah

It snowed here too. catie

Mary said...

That "Fire on the Mountain" sure knits up pretty, doesn't it? Mine is still marinating in the stash, but I just bought a pattern that might showcase it quite well. Got about a half inch of snow at my house. Funny little storm, wasn't it?