Saturday, March 31, 2007

pictures to come soon

Last night I went up to Mom's to visit with the family.

I felted Chichi. Much to my mother's dismay, I did not sew him together first. I've got lots of pictures to show you but I'm afaid they'll have to wait until tomorrow.

It's been most dreary and rainy all day long.

After a short (ok LONG) trip to the book store to get the new Yarn Harlot book and browse through other books (none of which I bought) I came home and vegged. I read some of my book, and took a little nap and vegged a little more.

Then I had to get ready to go to a longtime friend's wedding. Despite all attempts, I cried.

By the way, should I have some wedding where you're expected to sit about a lot, you all are invited and please bring your knitting and knit away. No, really, I mean that. And no, I didn't take my knitting. I promise.

Now, because my life is just that exciting, I'm going off to bed (and I wonder why its hard finding dates. I'm at home on a Saturday night going to bed at 10:15p. Know any guys who'd like a knitter with 2 cats who values her sleep?)

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