Saturday, March 03, 2007

no SSS for me thank you!

I finished my 2nd Lumberjack sock. Which means I do not have SSS (Second Sock Syndrome for you not in the know)! Woo hoo!! Who knew a little stress and a case of the uggies would cure SSS?!

And for the record, it's not warm enough to be wearing shorts. I rolled up my pj's because blue plaid and red and gray don't go so well together. That and the fact that my pjs would cover the socks and make it really hard to get a picture of them.


Diana said...

Love those socks! I need to knit some anklets myself! Missed ya Thursday night! From your post you must have not felt well. Hope you're on the mend!

Mary said...

Hooray for finished socks!

By the way, my Ali cat does the same thing as yours when she wakes up -- she immediately starts meowing (telling me about her dream, I presume) and then jumps down and gets a bite to eat. Too funny.

Midnight2sticks said...

really nice!-If I had cool tattoos though, I don't think I'd cover them!

cate said...

I didn't know you had a tatoo. You are gonna have to let me look at it the next time I see you. Hope y ou are well. cate