Monday, March 26, 2007

Shopping Haul

I told ya I'd show off the recent yarn haul so here it is:

What? You'd like more detail? OK.

Here's Sweater #1 - the Dad is a huge Steeler's fan and I have to make Baby a Steeler's sweater. It's almost regulatory.

Sweater #2 a soft gender neutral soft sweater - I know, I said soft twice but it's that soft, best part, machine washable/dryable!

Bonnet, Booties, and possibly sweater #3. I have more of this. Lot's more. This is what I traded for with Catie the other day.

Baby Blanket #1 - it's really a soft purple color not quite so blue as it looks in the picture

Saturday when we went shopping in Old Georgetown the muggles were saved. No yarn stores (although I think they totally would've been OK with stopping if we did see one). We didn't go out driving anywhere except to the play so I didn't look for any that were semi local but not within walking distance.

We played so much I hardly got any knitting done. Which is OK. I had a great time.

Even though I'm not a huge Gap fan, they had really nice sweatshirts on sale for $10. I bought one. You can't have too many sweatshirts. OK, so maybe you can but I'm not there yet.

I bought a present for a friend who reads the blog, so I won't be posting about it until it gets mailed.

We went to the Life is Good store. They'd only been open a short while. They had the cutest water bowl outside for all the passerbys that happened to favor drinking out of a dog bowl, and let dogs into the store! I was just touched. They even had treats for the dogs. I got to love on a sweet big ol' Lab who came in while I was checking out.

I got a long sleeve t shirt. They had a short sleeved one that I really liked (it had a very nice saying on the back about not knowing the good a smile can do) but I need long sleeve t shirts.

And, last but not least, I got shoes.

Really cute shoes for really cheap. They were in the clearance area, with an added 60% off. They practically gave me money to take them out of the store they were so cheap.

However, these really cute shoes, on top of ALL that walking we did. Did not equal a good time. I wore them instead of the shoes I took with me. By the end of the night, I had 2 blisters on my right foot and one on my left that had already popped and was working itself into a little raw spot.

I'll probably like them in a few weeks or so, but I'm not so fond of them right now, ya know?

All in all, I had a wonderful time, I met some great people and saw a very lovely play.


Mary said...

Don't you just love the Life is Good t-shirt? They use the SOFTEST cotton in their shirts -- amazing. I now have three. I need to stop buying them! Every time I'm down at the beach I get one.

Nice yarn haul, too! :-)

Midnight2sticks said...

Nice haul! I am actually reading this in my Life is Good pajamas-how funny :)

Midnight2sticks said...

nice one about my cat-he's like a firewall!