Friday, March 16, 2007

packages pt 2

Hmm, I seemed to have missed a few days between my last post and today's update.

The second package I got Monday was one that kind of surprised me that it was here already. Wednesday night I ordered a luscious skein of sock yarn from Dave (click on the Cabin Cove Mercantile link on the right. I know, I could've linked it directly but then you couldn't read Dave's blog and meet Miss Lulu Kitty who I swear is the anti-Pepper).

Dave only ships on Saturday. See why I'm surprised it was here on Monday? I swear this is the softest sock yarn I've ever bought. I was going to gift the finished socks but I don't think I can. I left it here beside me on the desk for as long as I could so I could pet it every so often. No, these socks need to stay with me. That way I know the wearer will appreciate their wonderfulness.

Why would I need to put the yarn away you ask? Well, and this also ties into how Miss Lulu Kitty is the anti-Pepper, someone here thinks yarn is really floss for kitty teeth. Her name is NOT Bartholamew. And someone, who is also not Bartholamew, has hidden one of my slippers. Which isn't too bad because now, I'm wearing my felted slippers but still. It was here a few days ago, and now. Gone. I looked under the sofa (closest to the last known place and where it's mate is). I looked under the edge of the blankie. I even looked under the bed. I can't find my slipper.

OH, I was telling you about Dave's yarn. Not only did it arrive in record time (I think he's bribed the postal employees with hand knits personally), but it was wrapped up in this lovely tissue paper and tied in raffia (which Bartholamew did enjoy). Inside of the package was the pay pal receipt tucked inside of a lovely handwritten note on the coolest Cabin Cove Mercantile notecard. It's the moose really. I love the moose. But also inside of the card was a little sachet of Fresh Cottage Meadow Lavender. The card smelled like HEAVEN! But because of the thoughtful way it was packaged, the socks just barely smelled of lavender.

And the best present I got on Monday? I'm gonna be an Auntie!! My very best friend, who's been my very best friend for over half my life, is pregnant! Her hubby has already decided it's a boy :) and I've spent all week planning my baby knitting! Mom's planning her "grandbaby" knitting too! This kid's gonna have more hand knit items than you can shake a stick at! Wait! I'm recalling something I read in passing from the Yarn Harlot, something about putting knitting needles in a baby's hands so they'll knit? Anyone know about this? I gotta be the best Auntie I can be ya know, watch out for the little bugger. Steer her in the right direction and all :)

Aw, now I'm gonna get all sentimental... my aunt was the one who taught me how to crochet! :) Granted I was in my early 20's but still. If I hadn't learned how to crochet, I never would've taught myself how to knit... Aunts are the best!


Dave Daniels said...

Hi! I'm glad the package made it to you safely, and that you appreciate the goodies. Your review was very heartfelt, and appreciated. Enjoy the yarn!

Robin said...

Awesome....Auntie! Congratulations! Love that yarn, will you bring it to the next meeting so so I can feel it? I may just have to aquire some for my stash!

Mary said...

I've heard lots of good things about Dave's yarn, but have never bought any. I have too much sock yarn as it is. But I may just have to stop by there and window shop. His white kitty cat looks just like my Ali, except I think Lulu has blue eyes -- Ali's are gold.