Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yarny Goodness

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I made a little trip up to Yarn Theory. I got some Koigu for a little shawl that apparently WAS all the rage but I tend to be a little behind the crowd. However, the funny thing is, my friend Sallee was at a different yarn store on Saturday and bought yarn for the SAME thing! It'd be really weird if we bought the same yarn, but we didn't.

Here's 2 skeins of the skeins:

I also got some lovely yarn for a Christmas in July yarn swap/Dirty Santa at a knit-in on Tuesday. Maybe I should wait to show that just in case someone reading will be there (don't want them to have any unfair advantages). I would like to state that I did not buy sock yarn and I did get enough to make something with. Maybe just a hat and mitts or something but not just that one skein of really pretty "but what should I do with it" yarn. Which is still great, don't ge me wrong!

A friend of mine at work is going to be a grandmother so I bought a little skien of baby yarn to make a little hat and booties (if there's enough) for the baby:

And I bought a book I've been wanting (Besides the last Harry Potter!):

The best part of this whole haul? I had a 40% off coupon I used on the book, she was having a sale on the "swap" yarn, and I had a store credit so I paid very little out of pocket!

After I left there, I wandered my way home some back roads and stopped at a orchard and winery store and bought some apple butter and cherry butter.

It was a gorgeous day to be out and about so I don't feel quite as bad about spending so much of it on the sofa reading since I did get out some.


Robin said...

WOW! Love the colors in the yarn!

Diana said...

I have yet to go to Yarn Theory! Next time you are in for a trip like that give me a call. We can at leas split the gas $$ too.
Love the Koigu, great color. I do need to visit store with Koigu!!! I thought that shawl was larger than 2 skeins would make! WOW!

Dianne said...

Don't you just love that Koigu?..I sure do!!
I also loved our visit/lunch/knit today...that was just fabulous!
It was so nice to see the sweater in're making tremendous's totally beautiful!
Thanks for giving your time to come visit, knit and be a part of our special group 'stitchers'..huge hugs~

laura said...

Love that Koigu colorway!

I've been thinking about buying LMNG too, but can't justify another book purchase yet. With 40% off I would get it in a heartbeat!

As for the other book (HP), can't talk about that yet... I'm savoring. :)

Probably Jane said...

Lovely yarn - and I like the idea of cherry butter...

Dana said...

It sounds like you had a great Saturday and it was WONDERFUL to finally meet you (at last!) on Sunday.

The Koigu you picked out is lovely and I'll be sending you your third hank today.

Enjoy your new purchases!

P.S. HP theories - - I was right about the doe, but way, way off on Ariana. LOL

KnitNana said...

It's so funny that we BOTH bought yarn for Clapotis on Saturday! And I love your's, hope I see it tonight at SereKnitty! (Yup, planning to come, so good you didn't show your dirty Santa yarn...)

cate said...

What a haul!!! I love Koigu! See you soon, catie

Aunt Kathy said...

Hi Nikki,

My name is Aunt Kathy AK for short. I have been visiting your blog now and then to see what you've been doing. I love to blog visit. Anyway I wanted to say HI. Someone tagged me and I am supposed to tag 6 other people. I chose you in hopes that others will visit your blog and see what you've done. I hope you don't mind. If you want to follow through the instructions are on my blog.

Have a great day, I'll be checking in again soon.