Saturday, July 14, 2007

Crash and Burn

As y'all know I'm knitting on my Rosedale cardigan for le Tour de France KAL. That's my "at home" project but I need a little something to carry to work with me and other such places. So I've been working on a sock. A sock I've not been so happy with. Mostly my mood I think, it's turning out just fine. So today, I thought I'd start my Dad's sock so I could carry it around with me (I've found for me, short row toes are best done at home). So after I went to Ukrop's (and bought a yummy croissant for breakfast), I watched le Tour and cast on for his sock. I did my little swatch, I figured out how many to cast on and I was off. As the leaders are zipping across the finish line, I realized I had messed up. Badly. I could've patched it but it would've looked BAD. I ripped the whole toe out. I'd rather knit a good toe (especially for Dad and his first pair of knitted socks) so it's not that big of a deal, but I'm really glad I didn't have to rip out anything on my sweater. The two of us have finally reached an agreement and we're just sailing along I don't want any more problems. The moral of this story? While short row toes are best done at home, they are not recommended knitting while watching le Tour de France.

Since I haven't made a lot of progress since my last sweater picture, and I have no picture of a sock that doesn't yet exist, I'm going to tell you that if you click on the link for the TdF KAL, you can get some wonderful looking French recipes and see what everyone else is up to. Because you know, what are knitters if not enablers?

Edited to Add: I forgot one of the main reasons I started this post today. Knitnana tagged me as a:

How cool is that?! So I'm supposed to tag 5 people now. She tagged most of our knitting group's bloggers (which I think y'all all are Rockin' Girl Bloggers too!) so I'm going to stay (mostly) local too:

Robin H

The best part about this "tag". You don't really have to do anything! :) You can tag people but there's no list of questions to answer or pictures to post or anything. Just enjoy...


Marianne said...

You Rockin' Girl! You DO rock!
Thank you so very much, I'm seriously tickled...!!!
Good luck on the sock...again...I know you'll get it right this next time and yes, great care should be taken when knitting one's Daddy his first pair of handknit socks!
Looking forward to seeing the socks and the sweater's progress.

Diana said...

Hey Rockin' Girl, Good luck on the second attempt at Dad's sock!! I'm the same way I can't pay attention to much of anything else when starting a new project. Not until I get into the rhythm of it can I watch tv or talk to anyone!!!

Dianne said...

You are no doubt a Rockin' Girl..
Thanks for considering me worthy of the Rockin'Girl Tag..There's definitely been some 'rockin' going on around here..but it's been more to the tune of Mother trying to escape the bed..argh.
Happy Knitting~~

Dana said...

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I'm going to very proudly add that button to my blog. Sorry I'm soooo late in reading (crazy/busy week so far at work). Thank you again! XOXO