Thursday, July 19, 2007

My "TdF" Sweater

Well, still no pictures but I'd like to thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement. I've decided to knit a minimum of 3 rows a day. Maybe not enough to finish it with flying speed but it will be finished. Since I did knit on the Tour de France rest day, lets just call this my rest day(s). But last night wasn't because I couldn't knit, it was because I couldn't see right. I had a routine eye exam and they dilated my eyes. Seeing as how I can't knit without seeing the stitches, I didn't knit.


Marianne said...

Oh yargh, the eye dilation thing, hates that. I'm a 'glaucoma suspect' and they do that once a year and it messes with me head, it does. Thankfully, all is well by next morning,eh?

Dana said...

The eye exam - - one step below the routine ob/gyn visit. Ugh. Hopefully you can knit today and all is well with your eyesight. Your "3-a-day" plan sounds like a great idea. Have a good one and I'll you Sunday! (WooHoo!)

Robin said...

My eyes HATE that! They can get those drops in the first eye but then the second shuts tight and they have to pry it open! Probably a good thing you didn't knit --- you'd be froggin' today!