Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stage 5 TdF KAL update

Finally, I feel I'm making progress. Which does make sense because we're starting to get a few more hills here in le Tour.

See where that green stitch marker is? That's the marker for my intarsia block on the front panel of le cardigan. Have I mentioned that I haven't done intarsia before? No? Oh, well, I haven't.

If I keep this up, that polka dotted jeresy just may be within my reach!


Dianne said...

LOOK at you GO..I am SO impressed!!
The colors are also very pretty!
I wait anxiously for the 'Finish Line'..Hugs

Marianne said...

Hee, looking good! Intarsia isn't hard, a little fiddly at times but not hard, you'll do just fine!

I'm with Dianne, great colours!

Robin said...

Lookin' good!! I love the color combo!

Diana said...

You'll get it done! Did I miss a post on the pattern? You've done the sleeves, right? You'll cross that finish line with time to spare!

natalie said...

I love the rib.
Is it stretchy enough for socks do you think?


Probably Jane said...

Nice work, the colour combination is really pretty