Monday, July 02, 2007


Or Why it's good to hang out with your friends and knit in your pajamas... in public!

1. It's comfy

2. it's fun

3. when you get home, you're already in your jammies

4. to make the people at the neighborhood restaurant what you're up to.

Umm... Ok. So I ran out of reasons but I must admit going down to Sereknity in my pajamas and knitting really was a good evening! So good in fact that I totally lost track of time. Which was good because I was stuck at the endless foot of the 2nd sock. I was at 5 inches for a long long time. I finally got to the toe tonight! Woo hoo!! Pictures to come.

Saturday while Mom and I were at Sereknity she bought a lovely bag of green Cormo roving for me to spin. She's going to knit a hat for Luke with it. I have a picture of the singles but not the finished yarn.

I also have another skein I spun but that will also have to wait until daylight for a picture.

If I don't make it back before July 4th, I wish all of you a very happy Independence Day!


Diana said...

It was a nice grop tonight! The shop is coming along. Yep, you got close to finishing that sock! Your spinning is so good. I hope what I am spinning right now turns out. I am almost ready for plying.

Mary said...

Love the color of that yarn!

Dianne said...

How I'd love a knit nite in jammies..wait..I've been doing that at the hospital for 3 weeks...can't wait to visit the new store and Happy 4th Nikki..hugs

Marianne said...

Mmmm, that is some very pretty spinning, also love the colour.
Knittin' in your jammies, what fun!
Happy 4th to you, Nikki!

Robin said...

Nice PJ's! Beautiful that color!

Dana said...

Oh wow...that sounds like so much fun; what a great day you had! Beautiful spinning/great color you've got there. Have a wonderful holiday and I hope to see you soon!