Sunday, July 08, 2007

Mystery project revealed

I think since the mystery project is finished and has reached it destination safely and was much appreciated I can reveal what it was now.

You see, my uncle is very sick. Not quite 2 yrs ago he was diagnosed with bulbar palsy. The long story short is that he just is doing very poorly. As anyone who has known any terminally ill people it is as hard on the care taker as it is the person. So, I made a care package for my aunt. Just a little something to let her know I'm thinking of her.

With the cotten blend yarn I got at Mosaic the other week I made two wash cloths. I bought some soap from my blogging friend Robin H (who, BTW, has two adorable kittens that just adopted her!), and a little pack of "hankies" and a little bit of coffee. Along with a card, I sent these down with my Mom when she went to visit them this weekend.

When I talked to Mom yesterday she said Beth loved the present so much she packed it all back up so she could open it again later.

In a similar note, my other aunt Judy, called me the other day to tell me she got her socks and she just loved them! She said she can't wait for it to get cold so she can wear them.


Robin said...

Awesome! You are SO thoughtful, I know everything is much appreciated!

Marianne said...

You are a true sweetheart, what a lot of love you have in that big heart of yours.

Dianne said...

What an awesome project..huge hugs to your Uncle and Aunt..You are such a thoughtful and caring person..I'm so glad our blogs met..and also that we met..hugs..

Dana said...

You're the best Nikki; the package is WONDERFUL.