Friday, July 06, 2007

Mew Hew!

(that's Kitty for "woo hoo!")

From Pepper:

We got our package today from our Secret Paws. Our new friends Fiona and Ali sent us great presents!

yeah! a box AND a bag!

"Pepper, there's more than just a bag in the box!"

I want THIS!

Fine. I like feathers...

Momma... I think there's 'nip in here...

We got a big bag of different balls and mousies. Not one or two but FOUR different catnip mousies (oh. Sorry. Mom said we got 3 mousies and one elephant. I'm gonna have to investigate this whole "elephant" thing later...). Two feather balls (mmmmm, feathers....) oh um, we got, a big bag of Temptations treats. Yummy! Momma hadn't bought me.. us (why's she gotta read over my shoulder?) any of them yet.

Thank you Fiona and Ali! We love our presents and are so glad you got us! (Momma said tell your Momma not to worry about the box. it made it just fine...)

Love and headbutts,

Pepper and Bartholamew

I'd like to add, don't let them fool you, they were in kahoots about who got what from the get go:


Marianne said...

Your moggies are so cute! That's a lot of goodies!

Dianne said...

Sounds like Kitty Heaven..after all..I'm sure you don't EVER buy them treats!!..haha..I've been accused of neglect on mine many times, however if you ever see me shopping the food ration for human vs. in their favor..They look so gracious!! How beautiful!

Robin said...

WOW...I'm sure they want you to blog more often! They look so happy, Pepper even looks as though she's smiling!

Robin said...

KITTY HEAVEN!! I didn't realize you have a Pepper! Perfect for a black kitty cat.

knitseashore said...

They must have loved that box the moment it came through the door! What sweeties!!