Wednesday, May 30, 2007

my purse

Catie tagged me to show a picture of my purse contents. So here ya go:

I was going to say complete and unaltered but I got to looking at my picture and decided a few things (like my drivers license info) needed to be blurred out but other than that it's all there. No cropping - purse dumped and spread out for better picture taking.

The contents are (in no particular order): 2 pens, sharpie, spare keys, earrings, 2 darning needles, 2 mints, paperclip, aleve, wallet, bobby pins, palm, avalanche tickets and schedule, hair band, tic tacs, tape measure, motion sick pills/herbs, fortune from fortune cookie, face and remote for sirius radio in knitted holder, lighter, cell phone holder and eye drops.

For the record, no, I don't smoke but (as I learned from my father) you never know when a lighter will come in handy.

I think Catie tagged most everyone I would but if you want to play along, please do and please let me know!

OH, I also went by my cousin's today to give her the hat and fingerless mitts I made for her graduation and she loved them.


Marianne said...

Well, of course your cousin loves her hat and mitts! She's a very lucky young woman.

RE: the lighter...yes, should always carry fire. I believe that. Of course, they don't let you do that when traveling by air now but, yes, important to the tribe to carry fire.

Robin said...

Interesting...I keep a lighter in my tackle box!?
I'll have to post mine later today!

cate said...

Cool! Silliness, but fun,eh?