Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

First I'd like to say to all the Mom's out there, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Since my Mom was traveling, I didn't get to see her. I did call her and we do have plans for a baseball game in addition to the yarn I spun for her. I talked to my stepmom Pat for a while today. She got her socks and loved them. They even practically fit! Which I'm glad of since I just followed the pattern only customizing them slightly.

Today, I went and got everyone who lives here food. How is it cats Know when the bag is practically empty? The bowl can be full but they know. And they chose to remind me of this at 7am. Seems they dont know that the store doesn't open until 10am or else I could've slept a little later this morning. To show you how trained I am, I was at the store at 10am. This wasn't all bad though because I ran into a fellow knitter and got to hear all about her trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I SO wanna go next year.

Then I came home and finished knitting the hat for my cousin. She's going to Carson Newman in the fall. I thought a hat and some fingerless gloves would probably be the most useful and thoughtful things I could get her.

Here's the hat:

and folded up like you'd really wear it (so the big blue and orange color blocks make a little more sense):

I'm in the middle of knitting her fingerless gloves too. I'd be working on that except my knitting spot got commandeered.

If you look closely behind Pepper, you'll see a blue mitt and pink needles all sticking up. That's the first one. I think I'll make the second one orange.

I found TONS of fingerless glove patterns. Most even made with your hand specifics in mind. Well, being as how it's been a good long time since I've held my cousin's hand or even gotten a good look at it, I kept looking. This one is great! I found it here. Look at the sidebar and there's the link for Everyone's Squooshy mitts. I think she'll like them and thanks to such a great pattern, I'm not worried that they'll fit!

I'm especially glad I found this pattern because I wanted to knit a hat and fingerless gloves for my Hokie Knitting, too.

Gotta love that ribbing!!!

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