Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's a boy!

I just heard from my best friend and they're having a boy! I'm soo excited - although this does seriously limit the "fru-fru" I had planned on knitting but that's OK. Amy (the mom) and I aren't really fru-fru kinda girls anyhow.

I'm still "slaving" away on my spinning. I need a better chair. Any one have good recommendations or what to look for?

I started back on knitting my sweater. Figures now that it's in the 70's but that's OK. It'll be one less UFO lurking about staring at me.

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Mary said...

In one of the booths at MS&W they had a vintage (I don't think it was antique) wooden "spinner's chair" for $45. I really liked the look of it and would have bought it if my car wasn't a mile away. Not sure how comfortable it would be, but it had a straight back.