Saturday, February 24, 2007

yarn for blood

I've said before right in this very space, that it's good to have knitters in the family. Now, I know how it feels to be the other knitter. Today I got a call from my Mom, she was in the ambulance with my step Dad on the way to the hospital (yes, everything is OK, thank you, it was just a good scare). She asked me to meet here there. I put on all the appropriate garments to be seen in public and as I was zipping up my knitting bag I turned and grabbed a skein of dishcloth cotton and size 7 kneedles (yes, I am aware I spelled that wrong but EVERYTIME I go to type needles, I try to spell it kneedles. :) I can't be the only one...)

Once I got to the ER and found Mom, got the scoop on what's going on and all I said (noting the 3 bags by here feet that none were her knitting bag) I bought you knitting. She asked what I brought and we decided that while, yes, her purple scarf she's working on WOULD be better that this was better than nothing and could be as mindless or involved as she'd like. Plus, the woman has never knit dishcloths!

So, keep that in mind next time one of your beloved knitters calls you on the way to the ER, take her some knitting, just in case she didn't have time to grab hers :)

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Robin said...

Oh how scary...I'm glad he's okay! A sign of a true Fiber Fiend...never, never forget your knitting!