Thursday, February 22, 2007


When I came home tonight, this is what my tv looked like:

Fun. Good times. On top of a totally crappy week, I have a TV that may or may not be ready to die. I'm really really hoping it's the wind shaking around the cable box. (don't laugh too hard. I have a friend who this happens to. Plus it's REALLY windy out there. The wind is blowing at 29 mph with gusts way higher...) It was so windy that the power went out sometime while I was at work and Pepper flat out refused to come out from under the bed. Bartholamew needed lots of extra love too.

But look, now I have my own peeps...

I got them at Target but do you think I could find them on their website OR the Peeps/Just Born site? No. I love them though. I do love Peeps. Not eating them though. I could eat one maybe ever 2-3 yrs? They're fun to microwave. (Kids. Do NOT try that at home.) But I love them. I love their little shapes and sugaryness. This way, I'll always have my Peeps.

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