Friday, February 09, 2007

I did it!

I managed to fix all of my own errors. And my errors they were. I really should try to read instructions before just doing things sometimes.

And as a reward, I got a special package today from my step-Mom.

OK. So it wasn't a reward for fixing my blog but I can think of it that way if I want. What it IS though is a great big hug and lots of love from Pat (and Dad, although he didn't sew on it). Maybe one day I can share what it looks like without a cat on it but I'm not so sure. They love it almost as much as I do.

A couple years ago, Pat made me an absolutely gorgeous lap quilt. I told her I loved it (and I do) but I wanted a bigger one. A snuggly for the sofa, just big enough for me. So we started picking out bandanas and materials and such. She picked some out, I picked some out, Dad picked some out (hmm, so he did work on it too after all). Pat works on items like I do, on her own time. So today, waiting for me when I got home, was my beautiful quilt.

Now, I must go snuggle up under it and knit on my sweater. I'm actually working on the body!!

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