Saturday, February 24, 2007

new TV

Well, I know it's probably not the best commentary on my life, but I couldn't stand the TV rolling like it was. Sadly, it wasn't the cable or the wind. A friend at work told me hers did the same thing. They had it repaired for an amount that was more than a new TV would cost and it started up again.

So, I went out this morning and bought a new TV.

It's not the biggest, or the bestest or flatest or whatnot but it's mine. :) And furthermore, it's the first TV I've ever bought so that makes it even better.

This does mean that I won't be getting a passport anytime soon (the two are bizarrely related in my life) but that's ok. I have daily plans to watch tv and no plans to go out of the country right now. Even if they're a little odd, a girl's got to have her priorities.

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