Sunday, February 04, 2007

Irish Hiking scarf in pictures

As mentioned, I finished my Irish Hiking Scarf. It's about 50 inches long. Here's a full picture of it:

and a close up. It's not the best on stitch definition but it's a pretty true color:

I was at Mom's because she helped me steam block the ends. Wick, her cat, came in to see what I was doing in "his" bedroom:

This is what else Mom and I did. We wound hanks in to cakes. These were my two and we did 6 hanks for her. She's getting ready to make a sweater. After a little practice, we found we could wind a hank right under 6 minutes. And for the record, we weren't timing ourselves but we had 6 min left on the timer for dinner and wound a cake while waiting for the timer.

Wickie going "Are you STILL here taking pictures?!"

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Robin said...

Love that scarf...AND the color is FABULOUS! Don't you know you are not supposed to *rock* a cats world?!