Sunday, February 18, 2007

What a weekend!

I've had quite a weekend! It started out Friday evening when I applied to go to back to school (Univ. of Phoenix online). I'm not quite done with all the forms, I'm waiting on a PIN number from the government to finish the financial aid forms but barring any unforseen complications, I'll start on March 12th! This will cut into my knitting time a little but ya know, that's OK. This is something I need to do for myself.

Saturday day was spent mostly cleaning and running errands. By the late afternoon/evening, I was happily knitting away. I finished my mitts. I started them earlier this week after our heat at work had been out all weekend til about midday Monday. It was quite cold and I don't know if anyone's ever tried to type in gloves but it doesn't work but so well. I managed well enough to keep my little hands warm though. I'll get pictures Monday when I go to work, I'll get someone to take pictures of my hands for me.

Then, I worked on Argosy. Confident that I had finally mastered the whole chart reading thing. Until about 10:30 last night when it dawned on me I had screwed up a major design element in the scarf. In comparing the two (the pattern photo and my scarf) I decided I really did prefer that element to be in there. I just don't have the heart to rip out my little 38 rows right now so I'm going to knit on my sweater while I watch the Daytona 500!! Woo hoo!! Race season is finally here!!

In another race related note, a friend invited me to join her fantasy racing league. I'm excited! I've never done fantasy sports before but it really does seem easy enough.

And now, so this won't be totally pictureless, I bring you odds and ends and a photo essay on why it's good to be a cat.

This is my new knitting bag. It's a Vera Bradley. I'd never really looked at her stuff before other than a passing glance in Hallmark because it just seemed, well, not "me". But my sister got one for her birthday and was telling me about all the great inside pockets. This got me to thinking. So, I went and found one that's a nice size for a project, big enough to hold the pattern, not folded up or a magazine or such and has 6 great pockets inside. Best part, it zips! Bartholamew is a bona fide digger! He has dug out all the contents of several purses/bags over his years so he can fit any or all of his body inside the bag. I learned a long time ago not to leave things laying about for him to dig in but visitors just don't listen... This way, I can leave my knitting bag by my spot on the sofa and not worry about him digging the contents out and Pepper chewing on them once they're within reach of her itchy little teeth.

This is where I knit on the sofa. Normally, Bartholamew sits in my lap or by my legs. Last night, for some reason only he knows, he decided to sleep on the arm of the sofa leaned up against my pillow and back. When I got up, he didn't.

He only sank futher into the crack between the sofa and pillow.

Obviously, this didn't bother him at all.

Finally (and about the time I was ready to go back and knit), he moved into my seat. It's such a rough life.

"Where are my arms?"


Robin said...

Hey...congratulations on going back to school! Love the knitting bag and "Ole Bart" reminds me of Mr Ace, who's been laying up on the radiator heater and not at all bothered by the heat, Just let me sleep!
Let's go Racin'!!!

Pam! said...

i LOVE the new Vera Bradley bag. I think I spotted it at the Thursday night meeting, yes? Beautiful!