Sunday, June 03, 2007

Two FO

I have two finished objects to share today.

A little baby hat. It's the pattern that goes with the Steeler's Baby Sweater. This is the basic pattern, but I did the stripes and colors myself. I wanted to see how the pattern worked up since it had (in this order from the bottom up) garter stitches, ribbing and stockinette. This one will go to charity and I'll knit a black, white and yellow one for my nephew. However when I get to the booties, those will be a solid color!

The second is the Steeler's Baby Sweater:

OK. So it still needs a little bath, a good de-cat furring and buttons but it's done.

Now, I'm going back to knitting on my aunt's socks. I get to see her next weekend and I really want at least one done to make sure it fits and all.


Marianne said...

That little hat is so sweet, it looks impossibly soft.
Love the sweater! Good knitting!

Dianne said...

You took advantage of the rainy day..that's some 'power knitting' the hat and the sweater is just too sweet!..Great Job!

Dana said...

Gorgeous hat and sweater! Your nephew will be the perfect mini-Steeler! :)

Cara said...

The sweater looks great - almost like it could be a fireman's jacket reversed. Thanks for your comment today.