Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Doing the Happy Dance

Well, it certainly was well worth the wait to get in to our newest LYS!! She had a knitting night tonight and man did we have fun! The long story short is that she did what we all talk about... "wow, wouldn't it be great if I could open up a yarn store" and all your knitting friends go "yeah, that would be so cool"... Well, she did it! The stock is still rolling in but it's coming a long very nicely. There's a great sitting/library/pattern area in the front window with a great view of the comings and goings of the little neighborhood and mountains and a lovely yarn/supply/bag area.

She's going to get a box to put up for donations of premie and baby hats and blankets for the local hospitals.

I have no pictures of tonight. I'm such a bad blogger picture taker!

BUT to prove I'm not totally hopeless when it comes to squares, I bring you this:

Marianne posted a little bit ago about making squares for Greensburg. Well, there was a pattern so I gave it another go and voila! I did it! I've got another one about 1/3 of the way done. I'm using up the last of my Manos. It's extra warm and squishy. Besides which, I think knitting with a yarn you love this much has got to bring extra goodness to the squares, right?

Everyone stay cool out there in this heat and happy knitting and spinning!


Dianne said...

Beautiful Nikki!!..and I'm ecstatic to hear about the LYS..I also have finished a square...and plan to start another tomorrow..Be safe..and hugs!!

Dana said...

Lovely square, Nikki, and your new LYS sounds great! I'm looking forward to seeing it soon.

Marianne said...

Beautiful! Love those colours! I could almost eat it, looks like blueberries and apricots and peaches and plums...gee, perhaps I should eat some breakfast or better yet, send me that square! (just kidding, but I am so loving those colours!)

I'm glad to hear good times being made at the new LYS...it sounds really wonderful, the set up and having a collection box...

cate said...

I think I am gonna have to get me some of that Manos!