Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The following post is brought to you by Pepper. She asked if she could post so I told her sure as long as I got to do the final editing.

Hi. This is Pepper. I had to tell you about what my momma let me and 'tolamews do. She let us sign up for Secret Paws. We signed up as a family meaning we're only sending out one package and only getting one package. Which is OK by me cuz I do most of the playin' in this family and when he does want to play I let 'tolamews play with any toy he wants. However, he doesn't like it so much when I try to play with him. Only when he wants to play. Grumpy ol' man...

Anyways... I sent Momma to the store today to buy presents for our Paw. He's a cat like us so I told her to buy things I'd like. I think she did OK:

She did buy a little something for our Paws Mom though. I'm not sure that's part of the rules but she told me to hush. She did bring me a new toy home so I let it slide.

She told me if I put up a picture of me I gotta include 'tolamews too. Something about bein' fair or something. Why do mom's get that way? And why is she always chasing us around with that camera thing?

Anyways, I'm out. Y'all go love on a cat or something...


Dana- I told Pepper she had to include a picture of Bartholamew for you to see his whole orangeness. I had to include this shot of his tail. I just love it. It's all stripey and has the only white on his body.

Marianne - I hadn't forgot about those questions. I just haven't had a chance to get them answered yet.

This weekend our new yarn store is opening in town and I'm most excited.


Marianne said...

Pepper, you did just fine, I'll be sure and let your Mom could post over at my place anytime...
Nikki, take your time (I did)....
Can't wait to hear about the new lys!

Dana said...

Pepper & Bartholamew are beautiful! I enormously enjoyed the photo and Pepper's blog. Your secret paw/pal is going to be tickled with your package.

I, too, heard about the new store. Dianne, LW and I were going to go this weekend, but Dianne's mom is injured and I couldn't make it due to a family commitment. We'll be hitting the road at some point in the future to see the new shop. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it. :) Have a great weekend.