Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Catch Up

Well, it's been quite a busy week around here. Wednesday I went out to dinner with Mom. It was just Taco Bell but we still had a great time! Thursday a small group of us went down to the local Barnes and Noble and sat around knitting and chatting. Mostly chatting I think... either way, it was a very good evening. Friday was a quiet night at home.

Saturday, Laura and I headed up to Mosaic. She had gone up last Saturday to help sew the blankets for Virginia Tech together and they gave her a coupon as a thank you. I hadn't been up there yet so she let me tag along (thanks again, BTW!).

It was a whole lotta fun and I was a very good girl and only got this:

It's Cascade Sierra. An 80/20 pima cotton/merino blend. I have secret plans for it. I will reveal them after the plan is complete. Bwhahahahahaaaaa...

This is the first of the roving I bought at knit/spin group the other night:

It's called Eternal Flame.

Last in our fiber category, I bring you a very loving present sent to me by my wonderful Dad and Pat. They were vacationing out in Utah and called to see if I would want some roving they had found. I very enthusiatically said, "yes please!" Pat asked me what color I wanted and started to give me options. I asked her to please just pick something out for me that she thought I'd like. I think she did Real Good!

It's slightly darker than this in real life but oh so pretty. I feel yarn should be named so I named it "Utah Sage". I can NOT wait to spin it! I've got a couple other projects I'm currently working on first though.

Our last picture of the night is our newest neighbor. The glare on the left is from the window glass. I've found my neighbors aren't real fond of me opening the door and taking their picture. Or opening the door in general. What can I say...

A raccoon! Well, he may have been living here for a while but this is the first time I spotted him. So, for the count, this makes Big Fat Groundhog, countless squirrels, a chipmunk or two, lots of birds and now Mr. Raccoon.

I hope everyone has a most wonderful week!


Marianne said...

Oh, you WERE good! I went to the site and wow, what an amazing whack of fibre folks doing their thing and putting those incredible blankets together!
I look forward to seeing what you do with your's very pretty!
Love the Utah Sage, and it LOOKS very soft!
Howdy, Mr. Raccoon!

Robin said...

Had a friend who took in a baby racoon when the mother was hit and killed by a car. Bandit grew up and entertained them to no end! Her boys loved giving him Saltine crackers. He would wash all his food before eating it. When he washed the Saltines, they would disintegrate and he would look for them. They eventually weaned him back to the outdoors and he got a girlfriend. A happy ending!

Robin said...

Isn't your neighbor cute! I'm sure Pepper and Bartholomew like having a window between them and the "neighbor"!
I'll try to meet up with you guys on a Thursday night...

Mary said...

That Cascade Sierra is beautiful -- my favorite color! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Be careful around your new neighbor -- very cute, but sometimes they carry rabies. If he comes running at you, run the other way!

Dianne said...

Very pretty purchase and @LOOK@ at your lovely!..I can't wait to see your 'Eewtah Sage''s gotta be gorgeous!!
Mosaic sounds like a great shop..1 day..we will make that day trip~~

Dana said...

You had a goooood fiber week, Nikki. :) The Utah roving is beautiful, as are the Eternal Flame & Cascade.

How did the VT blanket knitting go? Dianne mentioned that Mosaic received over 6000 squares (amazing!).

cate said...

I am so fiber jealous!!!