Monday, June 11, 2007

Picture Pages!

In an effort to not totally bore you with pictures, I bring you this. It's an online album of all my pictures I took this weekend.

Here's some knitting content not included in the album.

My Aunt Judy's sock:

Fits great. She loved it and said it was "her colors"! woo hoo!

The Knitting Bag I won at Yarn Theory's customer appreciation day:

The green skein is a little skein of Koigu that followed me home from Yarn Theory Friday:

The red I already had. I'd picked out another color to go with it but I like the greens with the reds better. I don't think it's too Christmasy but if it is, what's it matter? It's for a scarf. You wear scarves at Christmas time...

And this... This is my roving I got Thursday at Spin/Knit night.

David Simpson (I almost said Mr. Simpson but he stopped one of my friends as soon as she called him that and said his first name wasn't "mister" :) ) came down to spin with us and brought some goodies in case we were in the mood to buy. Bartholamew felt the need to help me arrange it just so for the picture. I actually have one without him in it, but that little orange paw is just too cute.


Marianne said...

So much to comment on! The sock is a beauty, as is the bag you won but oh my...that roving! made quite the drooly mess here!
The photo album was really packed! Loved all the ship photos and the tribal dancing...what tribe/s do you have there?

Robin said...

AWESOME!! Love the pictures from HarborFest...Jack and I love Tall Ships!
I'm glad you had a good time Thursday night!

cate said...

Can't wait till next Thursday!!!

Dana said...

The cat's paw is adorable in the photo. When can we see a full photo of Mr. B? Gorgeous colors (roving) you've got there and your Aunt Judy's socks are wonderful. Doesn't it feel great when you pass a knitted gift to someone?