Saturday, December 16, 2006


OK. I can't remember the last time my hair was this short. Well, OK, I can but it was shorter than it is and I was about 5.



All the hair that was cut off. That's 12 inches. However, it's not 12 complete inches, some of it is shorter than the rest but thats OK. It will all be mailed off on Monday.

I do like it. I think my hair dresser was right though, it will take me about 2 weeks to really get used to it.

And while Mom and I were out and about we each bought 2 skeins of Noro Silk Garden. It's lovely and I'm going to make myself a scarf to keep my now very bare neck warm. Well, if it ever gets cold that is.

The really strange thing about the Noro is that we found it at a funky little boutique downtown. She had a pattern for a diagonal scarf that she was giving away. I'm thinking thats what I'm going to make with the Noro. It is very simple and looked great worked up in the Noro.


Anonymous said...

you looking very nice with the short hair. I do really the same at this March, cute off my long hair and had it short like you. At the first time, it was very different and strange.

Your secret pal

Robin said...

Your hair looks GREAT!! I'm a big chicken...kudos for you and your bravery!
Nancy goes to that shop all the time!
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!