Thursday, December 28, 2006

Knitting and Cats

I made this over the Christmas weekend. It's the Calorimetry headband from this issue of Knitty. I made it with Cascade Heathers yarn and rummaged through Mom's vast button box to find the right button, a "Buffalo Nickel". I did try to take a few pictures of it on, but they did not turn out so well.

My goal for today (besides going to the LYS to check out the sale. I need to get some yarn for my secret pal.) is to finish the Noro Silk Garden scarf. It's cold outside and I need to keep my little bare neck warm.

One last picture, my Bartholamew. He was just SO darn cute last night with 3 of his paws all curled up and this one stretched to the max, I couldn't let the photo op pass me by.


Robin said...

Love the headband...bring it to show off!
Look at Bart....(I hope he doesn't mind the abbreviation)Isn't he sweet!

cate said...

You made the calorimetry, too!!!! I made 2 full size and then 2 smaller versions for my girls. Thanx for posting on my blog. cate