Friday, December 01, 2006

Ho Ho

I have very little knitting content to share with you so I'll share some pictures of Pepper's first (and only) visit to see the Big Man, Santa Himself! Last year she was 7 mo old around Christmas and was still little and "shy" enough that I felt comfortable taking her out in public. If I tried that with Bartholamew, Santa wouldn't want to hold him when we got out of the carrier. Although, there is somewhere tucked away safely a picture from 8 or 9 yrs ago of Santa and Bartholamew (and me. That "Santa" wouldn't hold cats on his own. I think he may have been an imposter... I mean an assitant type. Not the REAL Santa). If I ever find it, I'll share it too. But Pepper and I went out to Petsmart last year and got there early enough to be the second or third in line. Thankfully, Mom came out for moral support. I took Pepper out of her carrier and held her until it was our turn to see Santa. All kinds of people came up to scritch her little head and oo and ah over the fact that MY cat would let me bring her out like this. She wasn't bothered by the dogs or anything. Although, as you can see, she did want to snuggle. Closely. There were a few techincal difficulties with the camera so Santa (being the smart man that he is) came out to say hi and let everyone get a good sniff of him before it was picture time. I really think this helped. So, there's the story, here are the pictures.

a bad picture of me and Pepper being all "hidden"

a not so bad picture of Mom except that her head is cut off but one of my favorite of all we took that day of Pepper

Pepper and Ho Ho. (do you see her holding on to his beard? I like to think she's giving him lovin' but I know better, her paw got stuck in all that fluffiness)

Hmm, what's that over there? those are some mighty big funny smelling cats! (Well, they were actually rescue grayhounds but don't tell Pepper)

And for my small amount of knitting content, I finished knitting the purse I'm giving as a present (to my boss. Who's leaving at the end of the year *pout*). All I need to do is felt it. Pictures of the final product will follow when it's done.

Also, the lady I taught to knit at work is speeding along wonderfully and is taking her knitting home this weekend to practice. YEAH! I also have a date set with another friend from work to teach her and her daughter possibly to knit. :)

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Anonymous said...

How cute. I understand it right, you can go there with your animal that this is holding by Santa? This is funny. We haven't things like that here.
your secret pal