Monday, December 11, 2006

bad picture monday

I was a busy girl on Saturday. I went to run a few errands then went up the mountain to hang out with mom. I felted a purse for my boss.

Mom and I sat around knitting and looking at knitting patterns and just visiting.

Yesterday, I was in the mood for a new project so I cast of for these. OK. I actually swatched and my yarn doesn't match the gauge for the yarn it calls for. I could've gone up a few needle sizes but I think that would've made for some very holey socks and I kinda like my socks warm. So, I got to looking about and found these. Gauge is good, yarn is a little odd to work with, pattern is super easy to remember and I'm working on socks. No, I haven't finished the other ones yet but, hell, its my yarn I'll do with it what I want! Luckily, I had the yarn it calls for on hand. Sometime this spring I bought it thinking I was going to make a steering wheel cover for my Dad (or socks) and well, socks it is.

It's not the best picture but there it is.

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Robin said...

LOVE that color of blue! I've been eyeing that pattern too!