Monday, November 27, 2006

Sick at home

I guess sometimes being home sick with the stomach bug does have its advantages. I mean besides not being sick at work. I finished some stocking stuffers today. Well, I say finished I started them today too.

I'm not sure who all will get them but all in all they were very easy. A few weeks ago at AC Moore I picked up the ornaments and the yarn. I wanted something a little shiney/sparkley and most importantly cheap. They were having a great sale on Paton's Cha-Cha. I got the ornaments and yarn for less than $5 total. I got the idea from Mary's TNK group. The hardest part (besides keeping the yarn as being used for cat floss) was untangling the Cha-Cha. At one point in time, I cut it it was tangled so badly. I do like the more colorful yarn that Robin H used in hers but yet I like the solid white ones too. Its sort of like my yearly "struggle" with white or colored Christmas lights!

If you want to try this I'd recommend having a little crochet hook (or dpn) handy for reorganizing the yarn if needed and be careful putting your finger in the top of the ornaments. There were a few I had that were chipped and rough. I don't need a cut finger on top of the stomach ick.

For 6 ornaments it took a whole skein of Cha-Cha. I used some sharpies I had on hand to write Merry Christmas 2006. I wanted to write them all in silver but with the white yarn it didn't show up so well.

Now, go, make ornaments for all of your yarn friends (and maybe a few who just appreciate something pretty)!


Robin said...

What a great idea!!

Polly said...

That is a cute idea. I wouldnt have thought of it.. I might have to try it myself

Robin said...

I'm the Robin H. who did the yarn ornaments!! Like your white ones, too! Didn't see an email link on your blog and I want to invite you to a knitting retreat in January in VA. Please email me if you're interested in more info.