Thursday, November 16, 2006

Package week

This is apparently the week for packages for me. It's almost like a mini Christmas!

Monday, I got a box from Dad. I have to take too much stuff when I go visit so I ship some down ahead of myself and then he ships it back up. And before you say anything, have you ever camped in the desert in the end of Oct/beginning of Nov? No? I thought not. You don't know what the weather will be like. It could be (and has been...) frigid cold one day and 90 the next. It makes it difficult to pack. So I ship down the heavy coat and long johns and well... shoes. Or more appropriately, boots and sandals.

So, Monday, I got that box. No pictures. It's nothing really to brag about. Just some dirty boots and heavy cold weather items. But it did come while I was home for lunch so I didn't even have to go back to the post office to get it!

Tuesday, I got my package from my secret pal. We've already discussed that one so I'll breeze by to today's package.

It's small... but like the items it it, it packs a punch!

Those are chili powder blends. Deadly Dudley and Champion Blend from All Things Chili. It's a great site with all kinds of great spices and chili blends. Super nice guy too! I've decided to get back in to competetively cooking chili. I'm still working on my spice stash but getting these is a nice start.

I'll leave you with a few chili links...

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Polly said...

I always see chili cook off on TV that take place in Vegas but I can never find them (public ones) when they are actually here. I would love to go to one!