Tuesday, October 24, 2006


This will probably be my last post before I go on vacation. I'm trying to tie up loose ends before Saturday.

I've gotten the place tidied up for the cats temporary roommate. A good friend is coming to stay with them while I'm gone so they won't be sooooo lonely (although as those of you who are owned by cats know I'll still be in for it when I get back). I got a big bag of food for them so they'll won't even have to think they're going to starve. Well, ok actually so my friend won't have to worry if they'll have enough or not.

Also while I was out I stopped at a big box store music place (which shall remain nameless so no one gets in trouble). I have an remote starter on my truck. It's a little old and I don't know if that was the reason or someone else was just on the same frequency as I am but the truck kept starting on its own. :( After much searching and an hour on hold with so called "tech support" my step dad and I gave up even trying to find the box. So I stopped at the store to see if they could help me. This absolutely wonderful installer stopped what he was doing and listened to my problem, asked a few basic questions and walked out to my truck with me and 30 seconds later handed me the fuses. I thanked him profusely and (despite my icky afternoon and the feeling that he truly did save me) I did not tell him I loved him. :) He made sure my truck started and sent me on my merry way. And thats why I don't want to say where he worked because sometimes big box companies, don't like a super kind employee. Its not something I understand, but I know it exists.

I finished up my Gunner's cap. It could be a tad longer but thats OK. I like it and it'll keep my little ears warm just in case it gets too cold in the desert. And I should say an extra special thank you to Mom, who sewed the ends up while my step dad and I went crazy looking for anything that may give us a clue as to where the remote starter was installed. :)

Thanks, Mom!

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Polly said...

HAVE A GREAT VACATION! Can't wait to read all about it when you get back.