Thursday, October 19, 2006

Secret Pal 9

OK. I am just totally lovin' this whole Secret Pal thing and I haven't even gotten a package yet! :) I was tickled when they let me in. I was excited when I got an email from my loverly hostess. I was about to bounce off the walls waiting for my match. Then, it happened. I sent an email as required to my spoilee and they're just the loveliest thing EVER. I am so totally excited about buying things and spoiling them. In fact, today at lunch I did a little yarn shopping. Some for a project, some for sending.

And the person who has me, my spoiler, is just every bit as lovely as my spoilee. I got a little ecard from her (I hope you're a her and if not then I'll apologize in advance because I'm planning on calling you a her. Its just easier and I can't be but so "PC") this morning and it just was so nice to see.

I'm so glad I'm part of this, I can't even think about what's gonna happen once it kicks up and really gets going and presents start flying back and forth! Y'all all will probably be able to hear me squeeling for joy!

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