Friday, October 13, 2006

Chili time!

It's that time of year again! I have two friends who have an annual Oktoberfest party. It really is a good time and watching people ride - or well fall off - of the mechanical bull is mighty fun. As I have a couple times in the past, I am making chili for this grand party.

Here's a pretty bad picture of the chili before it brews tonight. Why you ask am I cooking it tonight when the party doesn't start until tomorrow? Well, cuz it makes it taste better. That's why. Will I share the recipe? Well, no. It's a family recipe that only one person who's not related by blood or marriage knows and well, she grew up with me and is all but family. However, I'll give you a helping hand with your chili. Drag out the ol' crock pot, you can do it in a regular pot but it's just better in the crock pot and so much easier. Brown your meat, or do whatever you need to do to prepare TVP. Dad and Pat have used TVP in this recipe and honestly you can't tell the difference in taste for those who have an aversion to meat but do like their chili. Put the browned meat in the pot. Put in some thing tomato-y. Now open up your cupboards and dump what spices you feel are appropriate. Fresh veggies? If you like. Beans? Why not? (OK. So I could do a whole long post and bore the hell out of some of y'all on why not but I won't. This isn't for competition so if you want beans have beans.) Just have fun. Remember what you dumped in and how much of it you dumped in so you can sorta replicate it or if by chance you came up with something bad, never do again. OH and don't forget some kind of chili powder. That should do it.

There may be pictures from the party. There may not be. Depends on how much fun I'm having, how much I'm drinking and if I remember to take the camera.

Y'all have a good weekend! I gotta get some knitting in before bed.

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Polly said...

What is TVP? I dont know how to cook at all, but I want to make that picture... can I get details? /hostessnic