Tuesday, October 17, 2006

things I've learned

I've learned that I'm SO very glad I learned how to knit! I also learned that I'm not a fast knitter and I'm OK with this. It seems to have taken me forever to knit a not very large piece of the back of the sweater I'm making.

I'm still happy with the progress though. It'll take me while to knit it and thats OK. I'm really excited about making something for me. That has to fit. That has to look good... that won't be hidden under shoes :)

This is the last basket we made in class.

Yes, those are cans in the basket. Its to hold the parts down that want to spring up and make it less heart shaped. It will go to a good home this Christmas. I made it with someone in mind and can't wait to give it to them. I think I'll probably put a few dishrags in there too.

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