Monday, September 04, 2006


where oh were has the time gone?? Its now September and I"m not even sure I want to know when the last time I posted was. The good news is that I believe my goal will be reached way before the end of the year. Why do I think this? I had a friend measure my hair and in the first picture from my hand down is 10 inches. :) woo hoo!! so I figure once I come back from Terlingua it'll be time to get it all cut off. In more ways than one.

I'm starting to get tired of having my hair long. As anyone with long hair will agree with, there are days you just want to shave it all off. I'm having one of those weeks. But thats why they make clips and scrunchies... and to take a whole 10 inches now would leave it way to short for my comfort.

Plus it'll be good to get back from Terlingua, wash out all the dust dirt grime and smoke (is there still a burn ban?) and go down to see Scott to have it all cut off. Or cut off to a level that does make me happier :) I wonder how in the world did I EVER have hair down past my waist...

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