Monday, September 18, 2006


Pictures will follow, probably tomorrow once it's all ready to be felted, but tonight, I mastered the icord! woo hoo! I know (now) it's not hard but the directions always sounded... vague, daunting, odd? so when my purse pattern called for it I found a website, sat down with said purse and yarn and my dpns (that I had to run out and buy today because I didn't have 10.5 dpns) and did an icord. I was about to break down and call Mom and ask what I was doing wrong when low and behold, I had a tube. I had successfully mastered the icord.

Days like this, I think Mom wished I didn't know how to knit. :) I'm not sure how I got through this stuff when I learned how to crochet, I had no one to ask. I guess I just faked it and hoped it turned out right.

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