Thursday, September 14, 2006


OK. so I thought I had changed all the templete stuff but now I'm not so sure...

I went to my acupuncture appt today. It's still all fairly new to me. Today was my 6th treatment. My tummy/gut problems are ALL gone. I really do feel normal again! woo hoo! What was really amazing to me was I went in today with my thumb hurting, as it has off and on for many many years, and after 3 needles in my left foot, my thumb did not hurt. At all. Not even a little. Wow.

this means, I'm gonna be able to knit tonight while watching survivor! :) speaking of which, its on.

Maybe another post tomorrow? maybe not... I have dinner plans with an old friend a trip to the mall... either way, in case I do decide to do the secret pal thing, maybe the next ramble will be more on me and my hobbies and interests and such :)

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