Saturday, November 17, 2007

Spindle and Wheel Contest

You may remember a while back I won the Spindle and Wheel blog contest. Well, here's what I got:

2.5oz of Merino and Soysilk. It's very soft. I'd attach a piece to the blog for you to feel but technology isn't there yet...

I got some "grab bag" wool blend that is also quite soft.

I got a very pretty handmade spindle:

Sadly, I haven't tried it yet. Or the wrist distaff that came with it:

When I do finally try them, I'll give a review.

Allena also sent me a orifice hook (which I'll still need with my new wheel) / plying tool:

and some very pretty stitch markers:

Even the one I managed to cut out of the picture is pretty.

I know there's that whole "post every day" thing going on that has more letters in it that I'm capable of remembering right now, but I think I'm not quite up to posting every day. HOWEVER, I am aiming to post every OTHER day. I enjoy blogging. I kind of miss it but much like when I first started, it's a little hard find things to talk about right now so please just bear with me if you get a short silly post about something now and again instead of a deep meaningful post.


Robin said...


Marianne said...

Pretties!!! all of it, that merino/soy looks like a pale blue cloud in a bag... :^) and the hook and markers are so very pretty!

I like your posts, short and silly is good, they're ALL good!

Dianne said...

Nice Stuff..and it's always a pleasure to read your blog..even if you post weekly!! Hugs

Dana said...

Lots of pretties! The merino/silk roving is such a pretty "icy" blue and the gray & black is very, very nice too. Gotta love the stitchmarkers (Marianne has turned me into an addict). :) Likewise, that is an adorable orifice tool. Someday, you'll have to tell me what the distaff is/does.

Have an excellent Thanksgiving!