Saturday, November 10, 2007

Knitting update

Here's the few projects I'm working on:

My Marigold socks (do try not to remember that my Socktoberfest goal was to finish these OK? thanks!)

Dad's socks (the second one! In this pic it's almost done but they're really finished!)

A Mistake Rib scarf I'm making for a Christmas present:

Next post: Classes at SAFF!

(Well. I have a bandaid on the whole picture thing. I may or may not keep using the bandaid, but for now we have pictures!


Marianne said...

Hey, your little weather lady says it's 30F there, brrrrr!
SO glad you finished Dad's socks! May not NOT have to knit more mansocks for a while... :^)
Your socks on the other's to finishing them, gorgeous, as is your scarf, very pretty colours!
Thank goodness for bandaids!

Dianne said...

Your Dad's socks are just stunning..and I love the scarf and other sock...nice selection of colors..hugs