Saturday, November 03, 2007


Forgive me dear readers, it's been a long time since I posted. I have no real excuses. October was just very busy and I just didn't post much. I did an awful lot though. And I did an awful lot of fiber stuff...

October 13th the part of my family who lives in North Carolina and Virginia went to the NASCAR race at Charlotte. We had a lot of fun even if Mom won't go to Arizona to buy Car-osaurus for me (Barrett-Jackson). And no, I don't know what I'd do with it but does it REALLY matter?

I mean, come on... it breaths FIRE!

The next weekend some of us went to Sinkland Farms for a spinning demonstration. It was chilly and very windy but it was great company.

And I got the cutest little white pumpkin.

Then, Laura and I headed off to SAFF! Oh my did we have fun!! I had one basic rule: no buying yarn I could buy at home. Well, and to stay within my budget. And no bunnies. OK, so maybe I had a few rules.

Laura tried her hardest to talk me into bringing a bunny home. There was one I was quite fond of. This isn't him but he's close in color. "My" bunny had gray ears (and I met his new Momma and he's going to be a shop bunny!):

I did bring some some alpaca and a silk brick:

I got some sock yarn:

And some general wool for a felted back pack (a pattern that I also bought)

How/why this wool is "From Down Under" is beyond me. It's a product of Turkey and the shop is in Alabama:

But that's OK. I think it's pretty and will make a great bag.

The coolest thing either of us brought home was Laura's antique circular sock machine:

We're going today for a class on the finer art of making socks with it. And various other things.

The second coolest thing either of us brought home was my lucet:

My all time favorite thing:

My new wheel! OK. So, technically, she's not mine YET. And she didn't come HOME with me from SAFF and I'm going to a semi-local place to buy her but I fell in love with her at SAFF. And furthermore, have already sold my Ashford Traditional so I'll have both more room and more money to buy her.

The Ashford has gone off to live with Amy. I posted the wheel for sale on my spinning group on Ravelry and within an hour I'd say, Amy had contacted me about her and we made the deal. In fact, I've already shipped her off to her new life in Michigan. Be well my first wheel. And bring Amy all the wonder and joy you brought me!

I've got oodles of llama pictures and various "crowd shots" of SAFF that I'll get up on flickr or use them sporadically here.

OH, I almost forgot another great thing at SAFF. I finally met Mary! We've both been at the same fiber festivals all year but never realized we were seeing the other one or crossed paths or something but after my cast on class (which I'll blog about later) I went to get lunch and there she was! The three of us sat and ate a little lunch and visited and had a great time! I'm SO glad I finally got to meet her in person. She's the one who got me in touch with Robin who gave me all the information about my knit/spin group and ended up with me spinning and having a knit/spin group and all kinds of great friends! Thanks, Mary!! It was great to meet you! And wow, it's been a smidge over a year since that all happened... how time flies!

Laura and I both took two classes but I'll blog about those later. And I'll update you on all my knitting progress. I figure I've rambled on enough for now. Plus it'll give me more things to blog about so it won't be 2 weeks between posts! (and hopefully blogger will be willing to upload my pictures then too!)

And I can't believe I almost forgot my favorite October happening of all!! My sweet adorable little nephew was born at the beginning of the month:


Marianne said...

Oh my... I should've taken notes, this is a wonderful post.. and all the goodies... but your nephew... BEAUTIFUL, and look how robust he is! You be sure to give him a hug and kiss from me next time you see him...
Congrats on the new wheel and so happy for you, all the good times at SAFF.. funny about that 'down under' wool... but yes indeedy, love the colours...
wow, you HAVE been busy!

Dave Daniels said...

Wow, no wonder you haven't posted. There's all kinds of fibery goodness been going on. And YAY for (1) the impending wheel (2) the lucet and (3) the sock machine - she's gonna LOVE making socks and stuff with that. (Do you get a free pair or two for "helping" her spend the money?)

Dianne said...

I'm tired just from reading how busy you've productive my Dear!!..Congrats on all your new 'pretties'..AND a new 'Wheel'(Will)coming your way..I won't ask..yet, where you will keep her for fear it will be in your filing cabinet..giggles..maybe you will remember that conversation..and hope Dana reads too..Can't help this southern drawl~
Your so handsome..and I recall seeing his first pix.
Glad your trip to SAFF was a good one..Hugs and hope to see you soon~~Happy Knitting

Diana said...

Lots of fiber stuff!!! Your life is fiber consumed!! ;) Congratulations on your nephew, your new wheel, and all the other things too. I even learned what a lucet was. I looked it up. I hope to see what you make with it.

cate said...

Great pix, girl! See you soon. catie

Probably Jane said...

Wow - that was one heck of a catch up! If it was me I'd be running around not knowing what to pick up first for quite a while - should keep you busy for a very long time. And you did save the best photo for last!

KnitNana said...

Not much happening in your world, huh? *wink*
Great seeing you at knit night!
Oh, and, um, CONGRATS, Auntie!

Dana said...

CONGRATULATIONS on everything! Wow - - you really did have a month of events.

Your nephew is BEAUTIFUL, first and foremost. The new wheel sounds wonderful and I'm so glad you and Amy found one another.

SAFF. I'm sure you had a ball with all of the shopping and classes.

Finally, the Car-osaurus was a hoot - - I'd drive it down Main Street Bedford. LOL

Pam! said...

Car-o-saurus would help alot in traffic, wouldn't it? Oooohhhhh yeah!
Great swag, adorable nephew, fun trips ... what a life!!
See you next week.

knitseashore said...

Congratulations on all of your cool new purchases!

Amy said...

Don't worry, the wheel has definatley found a happy home, and even my daughter wants me to teach her to spin! I'm not ready to relenquish my time at the wheel yet, but I'll bet by next summer, she'll be spinning too! (Then we'll have to get another wheel. Oh darn! They do tend to breed, eh?!?!)

My son LOVED your pics of the "Car-a-Saurus" as he's obsessed with Transformers and the idea of a full-sized Transformer-like vehicle that BREATHES FIRE almost made his head explode. LOL!

Don't worry about the wheel. She is loved. :o)

Robin said...

I forgot to add --- I really think I need that car-a-saurus as my case manager car! Do you think it would intimidate my claimants???

Mary said...

I'm just now catching up on blog reading (and commenting). It was great meeting you, too, at SAFF. I can't believe you got another wheel! I'd be interested to hear what you like about the Lendrum over your Ashford Traditional, as I'm casually wheel shopping myself....