Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday, Again?

Well, It's Monday, I last posted Saturday so I'm posting again.

Nothing fiber related today. I'm still knitting away on my bag and socks. I did finally lengthen my first sweater. Much happier with it now. Truthfully, Mom helped me rip it out. It wasn't the actual ripping I needed help with, it was the mental aspect of ripping the ribbing out of my sweater. We had a drink after it was all ripped out and the stitches picked back up. I was the one who needed it, Mom just was being supportive.

Speaking of Mom, as a few of you may know, Mom is a vegetarian. So being a good daughter, I bought her a tofurkey roast. We roasted it with onions, carrots and potatoes as recommended. We basted it. We made vegetarian gravy. Luke really enjoyed the tofurkey. Mom and I thought the onions, carrots and potatoes turned out well. But the gravy wasn't all bad. So all was not lost.

We also baked bread. One in the bread machine (sourdough... mmmmm) and one from a mix it was wheat beer bread. Both were most yummy.

I have a new feature on my sidebar. It's a wish list. It's not the kind of wish list where I really expect y'all to buy me things from it but it's a fun place to list things I want for my memory as much as anything else. Plus I was having probably too much fun naming everything. But ya know, if you win the lotto or something and feel like you want to buy me presents, then, please, feel free to purchase anything on the list for me.


Robin said...

Tofurkey?? I don't know...I guess I'm a true sign of a carnivore, I love turkey!

Diana said...

Well, if mom's happy!! I can do without meat and probably would if it weren't for the rest of my family but I couldn't resort to tofu!
How did you do the wish list? Cool idea.

Marianne said...

We've done Tofurkey... a time or two...
I loves me a good wish list!

Dana said...

The veggies were good, the gravy was good, but how was the tofurkey (or did I miss that)? It sounded like a very nice meal. BTW, who is Luke (or did I miss that too)?

Mmmmm is right - - homemade bread. Haven't had it in years, but remember it well.

Your wish list is too cute. I laughed out loud when I saw the devil duckies and "a girl can wish". :) Glad to hear that your "sweater rip" went well and by the way, you can visit Bella any time you wish! If you like puppy breath, you're gonna LOVE her. LOL

KnitNana said...

I come from a long line of vegetarians and have a great nut loaf recipe for Thanksgiving! Takes a bit of work, but since soy and I don't get along - digestion-wise - I haven't tried tofurkey. I'll stick with the nut loaf!
Happy T-day!

Probably Jane said...

I get the feeling that with regard to the tofurkey (a word I can't write, let alone say without giggling) you used the adage, 'If you can't find anything nice to say, say nothing!'. My sister and I are vegetarian also and make our own nut roast for celebration dinners which is much nicer than commercial fake meat!

Sounds like you had a great time anyway.

Can't wait to see your yarn choices for the Marvelous Mitts by the way!

knitseashore said...

The important thing is you have family to share Thanksgiving with, even if you're doing it over a pizza. :)

Glad you had a good one, and I hope you're enjoying your weekend. I love your cat photo in a previous post. So cute they are sleeping opposites.

Robin said...

I can't do without my Mom's dressing on the holidays. It's yummy! Taylor dated a vegetarian once and we got to sample all kinds of interesting dishes.